You Can Call Me Dino

It all started when Dino Battilana was 13 years old and working at a local service station. The station had a ’63 Chevrolet C-10 short-bed service truck that was Dino’s introduction to the classic and distinctive lines of Chevrolet’s early to mid-’60s era workhorses. It was love at first sight as Dino learned to drive behind the wheel of the ’63, and after a few years of hard work pumping petroleum and doing odd jobs around the station, this young Bow Tie addict had saved enough scratch to get his fingers on the keys and the title. The rest, as they say, is history but we have never met an enthusiast so passionate about Chevrolets, and even more so about this particular body style. In fact if you looked at Dino’s past and present custom vehicle roster you wouldn’t find anything else on it save for the occasional square body, and a ’70 Nova he will likely be buried in.

As a proud member of the club Chevy Only, it’s no surprise that the garage and driveway at the Battilana household are filled with classic and modern GM iron. In fact, his kids would probably be grounded if they rolled up in anything else. Reviewing the last few years of Street Trucks magazine, there have been quite a few trucks from the Battilana garage gracing the pages, and the patina-styled ’64 Chevy C-10 dually laid out before you is the latest.

Want to hear it from his own lips? Check out Ronnie's interview with Dino on C-10 Talk HERE .